Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Handheld Metal Detectors for various applications

Hand held Metal detector is an integral device in security. They are extensively used at entrances of Malls, Retail store, Jewelers shops, Railways, Airports, Stadiums, Multiplexes, Hospitals, Educational Establishments, Banks, Corporate Buildings, Small to Medium Enterprises, Pharmaceutical companies Railway Stations and Metros. Now with the launch of New Variants of Hand Held Metal Detectors for various applications, you can procure customized HHMD fit for your application. Here are some suggested Hand Held Metal Detector along with the various application they are fit for.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fire in High Rise Buildings on a Rise

 Few Months after a major fire broke out at BKC another such incidence has happened at the under construction building called the " Capitol Building". There is a steep rise in Fire incidences all across the country. Many hospital in Mumbai are also found to be not equipped to fire safety norm.
According to the new Fire Prevention and Safety Act, all hospitals should appoint a fire officer who will be in charge of maintenance of fire fighting equipments.

Many have already lost their lives in the Fire which broke out in AMRI hospital in Kolkatta.

Why are high rise building at greater risks?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CCTV in Public Spaces

CCTV in Public Spaces

With rise of terrorist activities in the financial capital of India. Mumbai Police is contemplating to bring Mumbai under the CCTV eye. The project, which has already received the consent of the state government, consists of connecting the CCTV networks of the traffic police, railways, state transport, BEST and private networks to the Mumbai police’s network. State government has given consent for close to 5000 CCTV cameras, which will be installed at various locations. 

Internationally, In the UK it has been claimed that the average citizen is captured by 300 cameras each day, that there were around 1.5 million cameras in 400 communities as of 2002 (with 40,000 operated by local government, up from 100 in 1990), and that distinctions between private and public space are eroding.

source: HT , Privacy

Every Thursday, We will take up more International Security issues and there implications in the society. This series will help understand pros and cons of the technology and present guidelines for  implementation of technology at Home, Offices and organizations.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Metal Detectors are a necessity?

The simple handheld gadget with many diverse applications like item recovery, archaeological exploration, and geological research is now a prerequisite with any security network.

We are talking about the Metal Detector. Today, the Metal Detector is so commonly used for security maintenance around the world that it has become synonymous with the very term security.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Set Up an alarm system for your home

Statistics alone are testimony to the fact that burglaries and intrusion attempts are significantly lower in homes that are protected with Alarm systems.Even the attempts which are made are more likely to be thwarted.

And unlike the past when Home security was considered to be exclusively made for the rich and famous, today they are cost effective and most homes rely on them.

So how can you set up a home alarm system? What all are the factors that you need to consider? Let’s take a quick look.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Digitals Launches New Six Zone Door Frame Metal Detector with Cordless Remote

Digitals India Security Products Pvt Ltd (DISPPL) formally announces Single Zone and Multi Zone Door Frame Metal Detectors for high degree of metal detection under the flagship brand- DI-TECT. Sentry range of Metal detectors are indigenoiusly developed and manufactured by Digitals from 1981. Our “Sentry” Range of walk through Metal Detectors are designed to detect both ferrous non-ferrous metals concealed on a person in any possible manner including metals concealed in ferrite containers. Digitals are proud to add newer models into these top selling product range. The latest addition- SENTRY MZ 06 is a Six Zone Metal Detector with cordless remote and power packed with several advanced features mentioned below.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

6 Important Tips for Comparing CCTV quotations.

Research labs@Digitals India

You are ready to implement a CCTV system at your premises. You have finalized the basic camera numbers, tentative placements, purpose for the proposed CCTV solution. You have even asked for price quotes from leading CCTV integrators and solution providers. But you are confused about specifications, makes and various model numbers in an even varying combination s. Sound familiar? You are definitely not alone, several of our customer face the same kind of problem as there is a wide range of products available for CCTV system in India.

New improved LED Based Searchlights now available in India

Digitals India Launches a Range of Powerful LEDSEARCH lights with in-built Rechargeable battery and charger for the purpose of scanning the dark areas and combing operations in the Night or in low visibility. LED Searchlight is extremely useful for Night patrolling in large establishment, Buildings and residential complexes, Law enforcement and Emergency light for home and sport enthusiasts. LED Searchlight has several advantages over the regular torches like – Clear white beam of light, longer range, More Durability, Low Power consumption and longer life.

How to setup a remote monitoring CCTV network

Now you can remotely monitor your CCTV cameras without making significant changes to the hardware or communication lines in the house.

There are a lot of benefits of opting to monitor the house remotely as opposed to manual surveillance. Remote monitoring allows you to keep a check on the house from virtually anywhere (Depending on the type of technology you have decided to use).

Also, with a recording device, you can always scan through the footage and it is accepted as proof in any court of law.

So how do you install a remote monitoring CCTV network? Let’s take a look.


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