Friday, June 8, 2007

CCTV : A must Security measure

CCTV is very powerful and effective security measure as compared to others
A CCTV systems comprises of following components- camera, recorder, monitor, storage and peripherals.

CCTV cameras are the image capture elements essential in security sytem. Selection of right cameras is based on the purpose, application and installation requirements. Installation location( indoor or outdoor) also plays a vital role in determining the right combination. The types of cameras used for CCTV systems are Fixed minidromes, high end cameras, compacta cameras, IP cameras and speed dome cameras.

In a CCTV system, monitor is used to display images captured by the camera. The selection of monitor depends on the image quality and storage space.
Types of monitors used for such system is TFT monitors and CRT monitors.
Storage is another important component in CCTV system the latest technology is offered by seagate specially for CCTV systems.

Selection of proper types of camers, lenses and housing are very important for a good video surviellance system. Indoor and Outdoor locations, lighting conditions and environment are the important criteria for selecting these components.
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