Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Handheld Metal Detectors for various applications

Hand held Metal detector is an integral device in security. They are extensively used at entrances of Malls, Retail store, Jewelers shops, Railways, Airports, Stadiums, Multiplexes, Hospitals, Educational Establishments, Banks, Corporate Buildings, Small to Medium Enterprises, Pharmaceutical companies Railway Stations and Metros. Now with the launch of New Variants of Hand Held Metal Detectors for various applications, you can procure customized HHMD fit for your application. Here are some suggested Hand Held Metal Detector along with the various application they are fit for.

The New Series include all type of HHMD ranging from the basic Audio-Visual indicators to additional
feature of vibration alert. Fabricated heavy duty plastics to metal detectors capable of detecting even a smallest of safety pin. They have Long Handle metals detectors having facility of detecting metals in Ladies bag , dead angles where other detectors does not reach is also a part of this series.

Listed below are various applications for which the detectors will be most efficient.

Hangbag and luggage scanning
This special metal detector can be used at the checkpoint, where the bags and luggage are manually searched by the security personnel. This hand held device makes the frisking more effective. The Security personnel can scans inner shelves of all bags.

Human Frisking
This new "Hands-Free" Metal Detector is convenient and effective in Human frisking. Its hand free operation  insures fast detection with large scanning area . It is also equipped with Vibration alert and rechargeable battery. 

More precision Scanning

If you are looking at more precision in metal detection then you can go for this newly launched Hand Held Metal Detector with LED Bar graph for Metal Size and Distance Estimation. Size of Metal objects can be identified through Bar Graph displayed on the metal detector.

Highly crowded areas
In Highly crowded areas, fast detection and effective hand held device is required. Since, the use of this device is highest in the crowded areas, the HHMD should be more maintenance free. For this purpose, Digitals India has launched a special Metal detector which insures fast detection with large scanning areas, is Easy to Operate and Almost Maintenance Free

High Sensitivity and Light Weight 
This metal detector is highly sensitive to both ferrous and Non- ferrous Metal. It can also detect small metallic objects hidden in ferrite rods. Large scanning area insure better detection. It has a world class design and appearance.

Light weight and Comfortable

The lightweight design and comfortable Long handle makes it easy to use for long periods of time. High sensitivity and options of Vibration/Audio/Visual indicators along with Auto environmental settings makes it a  very useful metal detector

Read more about these new range of detectors here

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