Monday, June 25, 2012

Security Systems to Protect Elders at Home

There is nothing more important than providing proper geriatric care to our ageing parents or relatives.

Due to the busy livestyles that we lead, we often hand over the responsibility to efficient caretakers. But are they really efficient?

There are numerous cases of rampant abuse of patients by caretakers.[..]

Is your elderly parent really in safe hands?

If you have an elderly parent alone at home, then too it is a cause for worry. In the last few years, crime against senior citizens alone at home has risen to alarming levels.

CCTV Surveillance

In most countries around the world, people now rely on security surveillance systems to keep an eye on abusive caretakers and to monitor their elderly parents alone at home.

IP based CCTV surveillance cameras can be installed in a discreet place and manner so that the caretaker will not detect it. All that you need is an internet connection to be able to monitor the camera from anywhere in the world.

Integrating with other Security Devices

An IP based CCTV camera system can be integrated with other security devices like Security Alarms, distress alarms etc so that if you notice anything untoward, you can automatically trigger an alarm that will alert the authorities.


IP based CCTV systems are now extremely affordable and come bundled with a plethora of features. They are easy to install too.

Tips for users

It is always wise to invest in a security surveillance system to monitor your ageing parent or relative. But that’s not all. You must ensure that you install it correctly so that it serves its purpose.

  • If you want to monitor a caretaker, then always opt for CCTV cameras that can be installed discreetly without being too obvious.
  • If your parent is alone at home, then ensure that the CCTV covers all the basic entrances to the home including windows through which unauthorized access may be gained.
  • You may choose to sync the CCTV camera with other security devices to increase the efficiency of the system.


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