Friday, May 25, 2012

Is your CCTV camera really preventing theft in your office? Find out yourself

Workplaces are getting bigger each passing day and so is the workforce.

Despite doing the obvious like background checks, it is not practical to rely on each and every employee in your office.

Employees today not only have access to office stationary, and office equipment, they also handle sensitive data which can be customer or employer based.

As a result, most offices today are protected by security systems and CCTV camera networks to ensure that what belongs inside the office stays there.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Counterfeit Currency in ATMS

The Counterfeit currency is reaching the ATMs due to lack of proper mechanism of checking for geniune currency notes. The ATMs are either refilled by banks or by specialized agencies for cash refilling. ATM have definately helped us to access instant money from anywhere in the world by entering a card and pin. ATM is not only conveinence for the customer but also for the bank as it reduces the human interaction and hence the cost to the bank. Here is an interesting read at Moneylife for " Fake currency notes from ATMS: what needs to be done"


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