Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Setting up a Home Alarm System

Statistics alone are testimony to the fact that burglaries and intrusion attempts are significantly lower in homes that are protected with Alarm systems.

Even the attempts which are made are more likely to be thwarted.

And unlike the past when Home security was considered to be exclusively made for the rich and famous, today they are cost effective and most homes rely on them.

So how can you set up a home alarm system? What all are the factors that you need to consider? Let’s take a quick look.

The Key Areas

Start off by taking a notepad and drawing a rough sketch of your home. What are the key areas that are likely to be targetted by intruders to gain access to your home? Are there places where a burgler can easily conceal himself? Mark these as intruder zones.

The Components

Now that you have a clear picture of the most sensitive areas of your home, you now need to select the key accessories of your security system. The choices are limitless and what you select should depend on the cost, the features that it offers and the security requirements of your home. For example, if you have a small bungalow then you do not need a high end motion detector based IP Surveillance system with 50 cameras. Select something that works for you.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Systems

If you do not want to pull wires to every camera or alarm in your home then opt for wireless security systems. The advantages of wireless alarm systems are that they are flexible and can be installed anywhere. But wired security systems are just as efficient.

Emergency Zone

Having an emergency zone or a panic zone in your home is always a smart idea. An emergency or panic zone may be any one room of your home that is not penetrable easily and locks down at the touch of a single button often called the Panic Button. You can use the Panic zone if there is an emergency situation like a break in.

If you do your homework and plan well, then you can easily secure your home or office and make it secure and safe.

Here are some of the products, we recommend for Home Security

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  1. Nice post! You have well described about setting up Home alarms. Keep posting more

  2. Home security is must for everyone and apart for that setting up a home alarm system might be an ideal idea for security. Eventually, this kind of wireless security services is moreover instant and could be smart idea.


  3. Many purpose of a CCTV monitoring system is to allow users to record high quality images, store it and view it at one’s own leisure. Security systems have evolved at an amazing rate. What was considered to be an exquisite form of security or surveillance a few years ago is now commonly used in most homes and offices around the world.

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  4. Home security & CCTV installation both this things is very helpful for us. Video surveillance and wireless security system also help lot in security majors and recognize suspect well. Thanks to your information and nice post.

  5. Thanks for Such useful information about home alarm systems, Security is must.



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