Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Track Vehicles with the new DISVU GPS DVR

The need for surveillance on the move has become apparent with an increase in crime rates in moving vehicles like freight forwarding vans, vehicles serving BPOs , schools, Cash Vans for ATM s and more.

Horrific stories of theft, rape and kidnappings are commonplace and most of these crimes have been committed en route a journey in a vehicle.

Monitoring on the Move

GPS technology offered some respite because a vehicle could be tracked throughout the journey. But it still wasn’t efficient enough because the inside of the vehicle could not be monitored.

But with the new DISVU GPS DVR, one can both track a vehicle as well as monitor the inside of the vehicle.

The system encompasses of one 4-channel DVR and 4 analog cameras which are hidden in the vehicle. The cameras capture the different parts of the vehicle and the data is stored in the DVR.

The DISVU GPS DVR can store up to 72 hours of recorded data which is stored in the AVI format. Once the vehicle reaches its destination, the data can be downloaded via a USB port and played on any standard computer system.

The Benefits of Mobile Monitoring

  • It is a mix of surveillance and GPS which is the most effective way to track a moving vehicle.
  • It is compact and can be installed without causing major repairs in the vehicle.
  • The cameras have a front view angle and a rear view angle which always enable a 120 degree view.
  • The cameras are equipped with a distress record mode in which they automatically start recording when a sudden shock is detected.
  • This data will remain intact and will not be overwritten.

The perfect Crime Deterrent

The GPS based surveillance system is the perfect crime deterrent across sectors. Be it banking, retail, finance, education or corporate, each one can benefit from the DISVU GPS DVR. 

Here is the link to demo of GPS Based surveillance solution by Digitals

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are metal detectors safe for pregnant women?

The answers is Absolutely! It is safe to pass through a walk through metal detectors or been scanned by the Hand held ones. Metal Detector do not pose any health risk to pregnant women and there unborn child. Metal Detectors are commonly used at Airports, malls, railway station etc.

Only CCTV not enough for security of premises.

CCTV has been a preferred security tool lately as more and more people are installing CCTv cameras at their homes, offices and organizations. CCTV is an effective tool as crime deterrent but it has its limitation in terms of prevention of the crime.
The very ignored facet of electronic security is the security alarm system, which on the contrary is one of the most basic security necessity. Across the globe, security alarm is been part of everyone's lives an considered as one of the most important security measure. Here we analyze the reasons why India is still behind in terms of implementing security alarms at our homes, offices and organizations.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Raising the benchmark in analog CCTV surveillance imagery

DISVU Super High Resolution 700 TVL Effio Series

Digitals India Launches the new DISVU super high resolution 700 TVL cameras. These High resolution cameras give high contrast images with 650 TVL resolution and 960H CCD image sensor. The New Super High resolution cameras by DISVU are equipped with the new Effio technology which stands for “Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor”. The Effio technology is superior to conventional CCTV cameras as they have Superior resolution, S/N ratio and color reproducibility. 

The DISVU super high resolution cameras are superior to other conventional cameras with -
1.High Resolution.
Higher Horizontal Resolution of over 650 TVL by 960H CCD image sensor
2.Noise Reduction
Creates sharp and crystal clear images
3.High Color Reproduction
More Excellent Color Reproduction
4.ATR (Adaptive Tone Reproduction)
It helps in improving the image contrast and further improves of loss on the dark details and exposure area.
5.OSD ( On screen Display)
It helps in change of settings of the cameras.

These New DISVU super high resolution cameras are all set to raise the quality benchmark of surveillance cameras available in India. Available in all major cities and towns in India.

The new DISVU Super High Resolution cameras launched by Digitals India are available in following variants with 700 TVL resolution –

700TVL WDR Camera

700 TVL IR Camera

700TVL Waterproof IR Camera

700TVL Mini Dome Camera

700TVL Vandal-proof Dome Camera

700TVL Vandal-proof Dome Camera

Saturday, February 4, 2012

India's UID project the biggest in the world

India's Biometric UID project is now the world's biggest Unique identification project( source). More than 40 million people are been added to this database every month. The number is expected to grow to 400 Million by the end of the year. The UID enrollments happen out of designated enrollment centers, and every resident of India is entitled to enroll.
There had been concerns about authenticity of the Aadhar Data collected from various UID centers. In its note to the Cabinet Secretary, the Home Secretary has stated that the UID data collected by the various UID centres is not reliable as anyone can register themselves under any name and address( source). The Ambitious UID project aims at issuing Unique 12 digita identity number to all citizens of India. All citizens can register at UID centers across the country. The unique identification number (UI D) will be a 'number for life' for millions of Indians who are now excluded from access to public schemes.



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