Sunday, January 8, 2012

Digitals Launches New Six Zone Door Frame Metal Detector with Cordless Remote

Digitals India Security Products Pvt Ltd (DISPPL) formally announces Single Zone and Multi Zone Door Frame Metal Detectors for high degree of metal detection under the flagship brand- DI-TECT. Sentry range of Metal detectors are indigenoiusly developed and manufactured by Digitals from 1981. Our “Sentry” Range of walk through Metal Detectors are designed to detect both ferrous non-ferrous metals concealed on a person in any possible manner including metals concealed in ferrite containers. Digitals are proud to add newer models into these top selling product range. The latest addition- SENTRY MZ 06 is a Six Zone Metal Detector with cordless remote and power packed with several advanced features mentioned below.

Salient Features of Sentry MZ 06
* Perfect Weather-Resistant Design for Outdoor Use
* 6 Pinpoint Zones to Precisely Identify Multiple Target Locations from Head to Toe.
* Sensitivity Adjustable from Level 0 to 199
* Tamper - Proof Operate Program is Protected by Password
* Audio Visual Indications
* Intelligent Traffic and Alarm Counters that Calculate Traffic Flow and Resultant Alarms
* Adjustable Operating Frequencies - Eliminate the Potential Effects from Interface Sources
* Many Units can be Placed Side by Side, keeping Desired Distance
* Four LED Lights Bars on Both Door Panels, gives Alarm Corresponding to the Height or Human body
* With Cordless Remote Control

USP of the Sentry MZ 06
* Sensitive to All Kind of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal
* Adjustable Sensitivity
* Aesthetically Designed for Bright and Sporty Finish
* Built in Foot Fall & Alarm Counter
* Harmless to Pregnant Women & Heart Pacemaker
* Easy to Install, Simple to Operate
* Auto Set with Changed Environmental Conditions
* No False Alarm

DI-TECT is an exclusive brand for metal detection by the house of Digitals. DI-TECT features extensive range of Metaprobe range of handheld metal detector and Sentry range of Door frame metal detectors. DI-TECT Products are available from all Digitals India Branch offices and Online at

About Digitals India Security Products Pvt Ltd.
Digitals India Products Pvt Ltd is a progressive technologically advanced company providing complete range of solutions pertaining to Fire and Security, Access Control, CCTV Surveillance, Door Automation, Metal Detectors and Specialized Security Solutions for various kinds of applications.

The 30 years old company was established in 1981. Headquatered at Noida, Digitals has multi spread its wings into the role of Security Solution Provider, System Integrator, Manufacturer and Importing Product of International Standards. The company has strong ties with the leading Security Companies of the world.

The company manufactures a complete range of Control Panels for Alarms, Metal Detectors, Turnstile Doors and Customer Specific Products. Digitals India also has its own brand of products already selling in banks and accredited in terms of technology, aesthetics and prices. The wide range of specialized DVRs and Cameras make the solution kitty very large for CCTV products.

Proving Our Metle In Through Metal Detection

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