Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Metal Detectors are a necessity?

The simple handheld gadget with many diverse applications like item recovery, archaeological exploration, and geological research is now a prerequisite with any security network.

We are talking about the Metal Detector. Today, the Metal Detector is so commonly used for security maintenance around the world that it has become synonymous with the very term security.

Be it airports, events, shopping malls, corporate offices, banks, ATMs or railway stations, you will find the Metal Detector at work.

Why the Metal Detector?

The Metal Detector is immensely popular because of its simple yet efficient working methodology. Unlike alarm systems, the metal detector can be used for discreet tracking.

Other than Metals, it can also be used for tracking explosives and/or drugs.

Types of Metal Detectors

There are two main types of metal detectors, the handheld metal detector and the Door Frame Metal Detector.

  • HHMD: The Handheld Metal Detector is a portable Metal Detection device that is used for complete physical scanning. It has numerous settings and configurations which enables the security personnel to discreetly detect even the minutest trace of metals and metallic components. The advantage of a Handheld Metal Detector is that it has comparatively low false alarm rates as compared to Door Frame Metal Detectors and can also be used at dead angles where ordinary metal detectors do not reach.
  • DFMD: The Door Frame Metal Detector is used to secure entrances and doorways to sensitive areas of airports, malls, schools, colleges, railway stations and banks. It uses a coil based technology and sounds an alarm when a metal is detected on the person. DFMDs have multi zone capabilities as well with advanced models having up to 18 independent detection zones.

Many institutions and organizations also use two or more of these metal detectors together to further enhance the efficiency.


  1. Do explosives contain metallic content? I guess these could be useful for detecting guns/ knives and other metallic items. In the bus-stands/ railway stations they use it but still let people go through... I am not sure if they have some kind of a display of the scanned person with which they can catch someone bringing in dangerous metallic objects with them...

    1. Thanks for your comment. Hand held metal detectors and walk through metal detectors are for weapon screening and human frisking mostly. There are specialized detectors for explosives. At most places, an X-ray baggage scanner with a metal detectors are used for screenings. The Multi-zone walk through detectors show specific zones( Human body is divided into zones) where metal is detected on a LED screen. Although, the security staff does not effectively use these features or generally the devices are also not of the desired quality.



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