Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GSM Based Security Alarm System : The next big thing in Security

 The GSM Based Security Alarm system promise to be The Big Thing in the security space. Lets take a very general security scenario. The major problems faced with simple Security alarm system are-
1) Response time is too high. 
2) The thieves may cut the telephone or Speaker wire
3) How does it communicate the alarm to me?
4) How does it inform me that it is not safe to enter my house?
5) How do I know if all the devices are working and which zone is not active?
6) How will the burglar react if he hears the hooter, will I be in more danger?

The answer to all these problems is the GSM Based security alarm. These problems can also be seen as a loopholes in the present security system. Ask yourselves- does your security system gives answers to all these problem? What if you get all these features without any internet or special devices to be carried with you at all times. Thats right, With GSM alarm system your Mobile phone will acts as your alarm station. Multiple authorised personnel can receive these alert and alarm. Different zones can be programmed to send either SMS or Call the pre-feed numbers. By sending and receiving SMS, the remote system can be connected to the Central Monitoring station. The possibilities are endless and seamless. 
One of the first of its kind alarm system is launched by Digitals India in India. The New Guard MC G+ is an eight-zone integrated detection panel which integrates wired/wireless security accessories like magnetic switches, panic switches; night devices like PIR sensors, IR sensors and fire accessories like smoke detectors into a common control panel. This system has several G+ advantages over the conventional systems like GSM connectivity, System health status, CMS, easy arming/disarming. Its sleek design and user-friendly operation will also appeal large segment of business owners and home owners.

The NEW GUARD MC G+ has dual function of GSM/ PSTN Line. It can send health check SMS, call and deliver prerecorded message, integrated to CMS and generate reports. Earlier systems were purely PSTN based and they were prone to wiring damages or stagnant telephone exchanges.

Through new Guard MC G+ the banks can control and monitor large numbers of bank branches through a simple CMS interface. They can not only receive alarm alerts but will also be able to keep track weather the system is night armed, set preset timings, reset alarms, System health and generate reports at the same time. Company also plans to setup CMS stations at all 22 service centers across India in coming years.


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  2. The way I like to put it for people who think one is talking about security-through-obscurity when one proposes private detection.

  3. very nice post..Thanks for sharing this with us. But can you provide some more details about electronic Security system Safety?

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  5. Security alarm are very advance in comparison to the general security cctv camera. People generally use cctv camera for the protection, but it will only help you to find out the culprit. It will not protect you from any problem that is waiting for you in your home, whereas MCM security alarm monitoring system and any other Security alarm can aware you about the danger, before you enter in your home. If there is fire or any other wrong thing inside your home.



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