Thursday, July 24, 2014

#securityfaqs. A new intiative by Digitals India.

Hi all.
Thanks for reading this blog regularly. We have been motivated by your responses and numerous comments on our blog. I am very happy to announce that we have started a new initiative to resolve various queries related to security technology and its application.

 We are using various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, blog and others to receive user queries regarding usability and feasibility of technology for their unique security issue. Be it a concern parent, a concern business owner or a home owner . We will be answering all type of queries. Please ask us your question and follow the hashtag #securityfaqs

Lets build a safer and secure world.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Simplify your Security with a Sim Card Based Alarm System

In the last few years, Cellular Technology has virtually invaded all aspects of our life. Be it communication, banking, shopping, there is nothing that can’t be done using a cellular phone.

So why leave the security of your home to stationary alarm systems that leave a miniscule percentage of doubt in your mind?

What if a burglar cuts through or bypasses the alarm system?

While it can certainly deter a burglar, no alarm system can be a foolproof method of safeguarding your home.

But a sim card based alarm system certainly outperforms all the other ones due to its efficiency and foolproof nature.

How does a sim card based alarm system work?

A lot of security systems in the older days relied on hard wired landline networks to relay a distress call to the CMS (Central Monitoring Station). But over a period of time, it was noticed that burglaries were still happening.

A burglar requires just a bolt-cutter or a hedge-trimmer to cut through your landline and this renders most alarm systems ineffective.

With a sim card based alarm system though you have multiple modes of communication to the CMS and to the owner of the home.

It relies on GSM technology and relays the panel health via SMS to the owner from time to time. The GSM/CDMA communicator is 2 way and also allows the owner to monitor the health of the system via SMS.

Why it is foolproof?

Because the moment the sensor triggers an alert, an SMS will be sent out to both the monitoring station as well as you.

How does it make life simpler for you?

The Guard MC G+ cellular alarm system is loaded with features like 8 wired and 8 wireless zones, independent battery backup, fully automated periodic status report by SMS for Mode conversion, AC fault / restore, battery low / restore, bypass events and alarm notification & a pre-recorded Voice message delivery to GSM Mobile phones and land line phones in the alarm mode.

You can store up to 5 different mobile phone numbers for the delivery of the SMS.

If you are looking for a robust security system that is almost impenetrable, then a sim card based alarm system is the way to go.


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