Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Installing an IP Camera at home

The rising demand for quality home security combined with the convenience of remote surveillance from any corner of the world has made IP Cameras ubiquitous.

If you are new to Surveillance technology, then you can very well mistake the IP Camera to be a counterpart of the Web Cam which is commonly used for socializing online. But the similarity between the two is limited to the fact that the recorded feed can be viewed online.

IP Cameras have evolved over the years into specialized surveillance equipment that have excellent resolution, record at higher frame rates, can pan, zoom, have built in audio capabilities and can connect directly to IP networks.

Today, we will quickly show you how you can install an IP Camera at home.

Select a good Camera

There is an overwhelming choice of security IP Cameras available for purchase. So, the first thing that you need to do is narrow down upon a camera that meets your requirements. You can either opt for a high end camera with the bells and whistles or choose a basic model that still offers complete value for money.

The Essentials

You need to have either a wired or a wireless network set up for a successful IP Surveillance system. A typical 10/100 wired or 802.11g wireless network should work wonderfully well. The network speed of 54Mbps is considered to be sufficient for most IP Surveillance systems. The network requirements will increase depending on the number of cameras on the network.


If you have selected a camera and have a pre-existing network connection, then installation is easy. Most cameras come with an installation disk which has easy instructions that can be followed. Once you plug in the ethernet cable (wired cameras) or select the camera using Wi-Fi settings, then you can easily configure security and encryption options. If you are unsure about this, then it is best to ask the security company to install the camera for you.

The Final Verdict

As opposed to analog CCTV networks which are largely dependent on the person monitoring the network, IP Surveillance cameras are more efficient and intelligent and have a plethora of software and hardware settings that reduces error and cost of surveillance.

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