Thursday, March 25, 2010

DISPPL Launches - Turnstile Gates for Securing Entrances

Digitals India Launches- Full height turnstile for securing entrances of malls, hotels, bank branches, commercial buildings. These uni-directional Turnstile doors developed and manufactured In-house by Digitals India are made up of high quality Aluminium three- petal gates with toughed glass to ensure complete security. More details of the product is available at Full-height Turnstile.

The Product release is posted at Turnstile product release

Kolkatta Panel to inspect high-rises to ensure fire safety


: Kolkata: Panel to inspect high-rises to ensure fire safety

Friday, March 19, 2010

How to prevent False Alarms?

Nothing is more annoying than rushing from office to your home and finding out that the alarm alert that you just received is a False one! After all when it comes to your Home protection, you would want to take each alarm as seriously. I just read on about security alarm reviews and was determine to gather few reasons for False alarm to share with Owners of existing alarm system and others who would like to invest in one.

Introduction: Security is not a compromise on convenience
Security alarm is meant to add the convenience of putting all your security worries at rest . A Reliable Security system is the one which ensures complete safety, low false alarm rate and quick response methods. Which make the opting of a good quality system even more important. READ FURTHER for common reasons of false alarms, features in an alarm system which ensures Low false alarm rates and our recommended security alarm for Indian Home and offices.

False alarms are generally caused by following reasons-
1) Installation is not proper-  There may be a short circuit and improper wiring done which may cause false alarms. Wires used should also be of good quality
2) Connection to the Sensors are loose- The loose connection at the control panel end or the device end can also result in a false alarm. The sensor, magnetic switches should also be of a good quality.
3) PIR sensor is not located properly- Many False alarm problem arise due to PIR Sensor location and environment in which it is Installed.
4) Fluctuating Electricity and improper Battery backup- Fluctuation in electricity can also cause false alarm. The system with battery backup should also have automatic charger, deep discharge protection and
5) Sensor Frequency conflicted by other equipments- Most of the wireless alarm system works on RF based frequency.  Some times this RF frequency is conflicted by other equipments and it gets a false alarm. For Example you have wireless door bell and wireless alarm. Its may get an alarm when someones presses the door bell.
6) Lack of operational Knowledge- The system owner should understand the proper functioning of the alarm and should also educate the other users. The system owner should periodically test the system and ensure that the system is serviced on time.

Features of Alarm system which ensures LOW FALSE ALARM RATE

1) Zone response time- Each zone should have respond time up to 300 Micro Sec.
2) Zone Bypass- All Zones can be bypass expect the Fire Zones and 24 Hr emergency zones

3) Battery Backup.
4) Battery Charging and Protection Unit.
5) System Test Button.

Recommended Security alarm for Indian environment and conditions-

Guard MC plus by Digitals India Security Products Pvt Ltd is an Wired/Wireless Integrated alarm system. Guard MC plus has advance alarm features like-
1) Programmable 8 Zones- Instant, Entry Delay, 24 Hour Instant, 24 Hour silent Panic
2) Four Arming options- Automatic real time, On board Keypad, Remote Switch, Mobile/Landline
3)periodic report through communicator to CMS.
4) Tamper proof cabinet and wiring.
5) Inbuilt digital communicator and Auto- dialer.
6) 12 V Battery backup with intelligent charging unit, deep-discharge protection.
7) Compatible with wire/wireless switches and sensors.
8) System Test facility
9) Smart sleek look panel with LCD display and onboard keypad.
10) Includes 2 remote for arming/disarming and optional external keypad.


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