Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fire in High Rise Buildings on a Rise

 Few Months after a major fire broke out at BKC another such incidence has happened at the under construction building called the " Capitol Building". There is a steep rise in Fire incidences all across the country. Many hospital in Mumbai are also found to be not equipped to fire safety norm.
According to the new Fire Prevention and Safety Act, all hospitals should appoint a fire officer who will be in charge of maintenance of fire fighting equipments.

Many have already lost their lives in the Fire which broke out in AMRI hospital in Kolkatta.

Why are high rise building at greater risks?
Some interesting reads-  About High Rise Buildings

"Glass facades a fire hazard, say experts"

 All the new High rise buildings are having glass Facades. As they can be build up faster and are easy to maintain. Are there enough windows? If the ventilation is not proper, The glass Facades stop the fire smoke from escaping out.Read here.

‘Many hospital cellars are fire traps’

The basement of many hospitals are found to have any inflammable substances from old generators. Many of hospitals do not have any Fire officers who can maintain the fire fighting equipment. Read here.

We had earlier posted an article on Fire emergency here.

Stay tuned next Friday, As we furnished more details on What should do in case of Fire Emergency. 
Fire is Fatal, But loss to life can be prevented by presence of mind and general awareness about our buildings, fire exits and evacuation plan. Next week we examine how we can ensure that Our buildings are well equipped to handle fire emergency.
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