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Monday, April 2, 2012

ATMs: All Time money for Fraudsters?

ATM's have changed the way we banked. We are now so habitual of withdrawing the money from ATM that ATM agencies are offering newer service by the day to please us. The shear convenience of ATM has made it most popular at places like restaurants, malls, petrol pumps, even highways and deserted places. But with this rising ATM usability comes a bigger challenge for protection of the users and the Banks cash. For fraudster, ATM is indeed becoming all time money!
In this feature we are discussing key Issues in ATM Security and some tips that can help you safeguard yourself from the ATM fraudsters.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

6 Important Tips for Comparing CCTV quotations.

Research labs@Digitals India

You are ready to implement a CCTV system at your premises. You have finalized the basic camera numbers, tentative placements, purpose for the proposed CCTV solution. You have even asked for price quotes from leading CCTV integrators and solution providers. But you are confused about specifications, makes and various model numbers in an even varying combination s. Sound familiar? You are definitely not alone, several of our customer face the same kind of problem as there is a wide range of products available for CCTV system in India.


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