Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Only CCTV not enough for security of premises.

CCTV has been a preferred security tool lately as more and more people are installing CCTv cameras at their homes, offices and organizations. CCTV is an effective tool as crime deterrent but it has its limitation in terms of prevention of the crime.
The very ignored facet of electronic security is the security alarm system, which on the contrary is one of the most basic security necessity. Across the globe, security alarm is been part of everyone's lives an considered as one of the most important security measure. Here we analyze the reasons why India is still behind in terms of implementing security alarms at our homes, offices and organizations.

Firstly lets discuss the implementation of CCTV, because by this article we do not want to imply that CCTV is not importance for your security. Infact CCTV is very effective as a-
#1 CCTV as a Crime deterrent
CCTV cameras installed all across the premises, gives us a " I am been watched" feeling which acts as a major crime deterrent. Researches show that hanging a " You are under surveillance " board has actually prevented people from pickpocketing at stores. It evokes a constant fear of been caught.

#2 CCTV as an administrative tool
CCTV is used as an administrative tool for monitoring activities of employees and visitors. The local an live monitoring helps the administrator to "watch over" the entire complex sitting at one place. The Remote monitoring as made possible to view various locations remotely.

#3 Evidence
CCTV footage allows us to revisit the incidence and collect evidence, identify personnel and obtain recording to establish the crime. CCTV is the most favorite of the police and investigative authorities.

However only CCTV is not enough for your security.

One of the very fundamental electronic gadgets which have developed to secure premises was electronic security alarm. The principle of the electronic alarm system is prevention of the crime by triggering the alarm. The alarm can a loud sound, a voice call or SMS to individuals or the monitoring stations. The alarm can be triggered by using case effective accessories- magnetic contacts, PIR sensor. You can get the entire list of accessories here.
Some of the important function of a security alarm are-
1# Emergency contact
24hr Emergency contact buttons or panic switches are active all the time. They are like lifeline in the panic situation. A person in distress can press these button to raise immediate alarm. There are several different versions of these panic switches available here.
2# Immediate response time
The triggered alarm can send pre-recorded messages to saved contacts like nearest police station, fire stations or nearest acquaintance. New generation alarm systems like the DI-CQURE+ Guard MC G+ works on the SIM card platform and can also send SMSes to all concern personnel when the alarm is triggered.
Another service offered by Digitals India, with their DI-CQURE + control panel is the central monitoring station which can remotely monitor your site and can take immediate actions on trigger of the alarm. The company also maintains your system periodically to keep it in running condition.
3# Fire and Intruder protection in One device
The latest control panels have provision for both fire detection devices and intruder devices. Here is a list of fire related accessories that can be used for detecting fire. Here is a link to view all integrated panels available

However, still the security alarm system is not finding its way into a common home or an office. Although the trend is now catching up in the new construction.  The main reason for the same is the lack of planning. At the time of construction of a new building, pre-wiring and pre-identification of location for alarm systems should be well thought of and planned by the architect or the builder. Security companies would also be able to deliver better security solutions with the willingness of users to implement proper security measure at there homes, buildings and offices.

At Securityfaqs, We hope to create awareness for implementing security measures in our country and improve general attitude towards security.


  1. Aside from home and office use, CCTV cameras are also very useful in other places. Having CCTV cameras in schools helps the higher authorities to monitor behavior of children towards their peers and their teachers. close protection Bristol

  2. The CCTV cam with dvr make the monitoring perfect..

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