Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are your kids secure while you are out?

Many of the working parents have a pounding questions in their head about the security of their kids while they are away. A large percentage of people use daycare facility or hire a nanny for their kids.Others leave their kids with grandparents or other extended family members. "I leave my kids with my mother-in-law. But it is now becoming very taxing for her to handle the kids. I am now looking for hiring a nanny" said Mr Poonam Makhija,Delhi.

With increasing number of nuclear families, There is a rising concern for safety of kids.  "When it comes to security of our kids, we do not trust our nanny completely. I am unable to focus on work and keep calling home every 1-2 hr to find out if my kids are safe at home" said Mrs Kulkarni, Mumbai.

Although, parents are becoming more aware and are getting police verification done for the Nannies before hiring them. But sometimes the Security concerns are of a different nature. "We have done a thorough check on our house help but my concerns are that is that whether she is taking proper care and treating them well while I am away."Quoted Mr Hiten Shah, Ahemdabad.
Sometimes the threat is more from outsiders than our trusted helps. " I am more concern about intruders etc entering my house while my kids are inside." said Mrs Anita Sharma, Lucknow

Technology has some answers for the concern parents-

1) Mobile phones: Its always a good measure to give your nanny a mobile phone. It is becoming most essential in solving probes nowadays. The advancement in mobile tracking enables police to track phone locations, details of phone calls etc. It is always better to be prepared for worse, than to be sorry later.
2) Setting up a Spy camera at home: It is one of a most effective technology measure one can take to secure the kids while they are away. Spy camera allows you to view your home from anywhere in the world in a password protected way. The advance software like DMSS surveillance software by Digitals India enable you to view images on your Mobile phone. There are several compact cameras and recorder available which can be easily hidden in common objects. DISVU Pin hole cameras can be placed behind wall clocks, toys, door bells, calenders and connected to a Mini DVR or Standalone DVR which can record all actions through out the day.
3) Home Alarm system:  You can install a home alarm system at your home which not only protects you from intruders or fire but can also be used as a communicator of important events. The latest GSM SIM card based DI-CQURE+ alarm system by Digitals India can be programmed to send you SMSes on opening of your front door. You can arm/disarm your system from office. There is also one zone dedicated to Panic switches/emergency switches which can be pressed to call for help in case of any emergency.
4) Door entry phone:  Door entry phone allows you to communicate with the guest without opening the door. Accordingly the door can be released or the access be denied. Fermax India offering wide range of solutions for securing buildings, villas and private houses.
Technology can aid in securing your kids at home provided you understand and use the technology to your advantage. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to get updates and alerts on new technology in security and how it can impact our daily lives.

Do you have more concerns about safety of your kids? Ask Us by commenting below and we will come back with solutions specific to your concern.

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