Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Track Vehicles with the new DISVU GPS DVR

The need for surveillance on the move has become apparent with an increase in crime rates in moving vehicles like freight forwarding vans, vehicles serving BPOs , schools, Cash Vans for ATM s and more.

Horrific stories of theft, rape and kidnappings are commonplace and most of these crimes have been committed en route a journey in a vehicle.

Monitoring on the Move

GPS technology offered some respite because a vehicle could be tracked throughout the journey. But it still wasn’t efficient enough because the inside of the vehicle could not be monitored.

But with the new DISVU GPS DVR, one can both track a vehicle as well as monitor the inside of the vehicle.

The system encompasses of one 4-channel DVR and 4 analog cameras which are hidden in the vehicle. The cameras capture the different parts of the vehicle and the data is stored in the DVR.

The DISVU GPS DVR can store up to 72 hours of recorded data which is stored in the AVI format. Once the vehicle reaches its destination, the data can be downloaded via a USB port and played on any standard computer system.

The Benefits of Mobile Monitoring

  • It is a mix of surveillance and GPS which is the most effective way to track a moving vehicle.
  • It is compact and can be installed without causing major repairs in the vehicle.
  • The cameras have a front view angle and a rear view angle which always enable a 120 degree view.
  • The cameras are equipped with a distress record mode in which they automatically start recording when a sudden shock is detected.
  • This data will remain intact and will not be overwritten.

The perfect Crime Deterrent

The GPS based surveillance system is the perfect crime deterrent across sectors. Be it banking, retail, finance, education or corporate, each one can benefit from the DISVU GPS DVR. 

Here is the link to demo of GPS Based surveillance solution by Digitals

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