Thursday, February 16, 2012

Raising the benchmark in analog CCTV surveillance imagery

DISVU Super High Resolution 700 TVL Effio Series

Digitals India Launches the new DISVU super high resolution 700 TVL cameras. These High resolution cameras give high contrast images with 650 TVL resolution and 960H CCD image sensor. The New Super High resolution cameras by DISVU are equipped with the new Effio technology which stands for “Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor”. The Effio technology is superior to conventional CCTV cameras as they have Superior resolution, S/N ratio and color reproducibility. 

The DISVU super high resolution cameras are superior to other conventional cameras with -
1.High Resolution.
Higher Horizontal Resolution of over 650 TVL by 960H CCD image sensor
2.Noise Reduction
Creates sharp and crystal clear images
3.High Color Reproduction
More Excellent Color Reproduction
4.ATR (Adaptive Tone Reproduction)
It helps in improving the image contrast and further improves of loss on the dark details and exposure area.
5.OSD ( On screen Display)
It helps in change of settings of the cameras.

These New DISVU super high resolution cameras are all set to raise the quality benchmark of surveillance cameras available in India. Available in all major cities and towns in India.

The new DISVU Super High Resolution cameras launched by Digitals India are available in following variants with 700 TVL resolution –

700TVL WDR Camera

700 TVL IR Camera

700TVL Waterproof IR Camera

700TVL Mini Dome Camera

700TVL Vandal-proof Dome Camera

700TVL Vandal-proof Dome Camera


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  2. Thanks for letting us know about the CCTV surveillance systems. I will be at office most of the times. So I think the use of a video surveillance system could observe what is there happening in my home when I am away.



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