Monday, June 4, 2012

Making your Alarm System Work for you

If you have just installed a high end Security Alarm System in your place, then you have just installed a protective and preventive barrier around your home.

Homes with Security Alarm Systems have a significantly lower chance of being broken into as compared to homes without one.

But it all depends on how you can make the Alarm System work for you. Do you manage it well? Are you tackling the problem of false alarms? How do you ensure that your Security Alarm System gives you trouble free performance?

Here are some answers.

False Alarms

One of the most annoying problems with an incorrectly installed Security Alarm System is false alarms. Not only can they be an annoying problem, they may also cause you to ignore the reliability of the alarm.

And False Alarms carry fines in several states and countries.

All said and done, how do you control a false alarm?

Tips for Home Alarm Users

  • Ensure that you check the Alarm system from time to time. This includes checking the contacts/magnets on doors and windows.
  • Check the battery indicator in case of a power failure. A low battery is one of the most common causes of a false alarm.
  • Educate everyone at home about using the security alarm system. Many a times, it is someone at home who is not familiar with the usage of the Alarm System. Entering incorrect keypad codes is one of the main problems.
  • If you are leaving home, then lock your windows and doors correctly. Even a window opened by a strong gust of wind may trigger a false alarm.
  • Ensure that the security alarm system is periodically serviced and maintained. This should include the batteries.

If you are unsure about the cause of a false alarm system then please contact your security provider to check the status correctly. 


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