Friday, May 25, 2012

Is your CCTV camera really preventing theft in your office? Find out yourself

Workplaces are getting bigger each passing day and so is the workforce.

Despite doing the obvious like background checks, it is not practical to rely on each and every employee in your office.

Employees today not only have access to office stationary, and office equipment, they also handle sensitive data which can be customer or employer based.

As a result, most offices today are protected by security systems and CCTV camera networks to ensure that what belongs inside the office stays there.

But most CCTV cameras are not very effective because they are incorrectly positioned or located and do very little to prevent inventory shrinkage or data theft.

Is your office security CCTV camera system as effective as it seems?

Take this quick survey to find out.

  • Identify Key Areas that require protection – What are the key areas of your office that require protection? All key entry and exit points including windows through which unauthorized access may be gained should be covered. Cover areas where your employees may handle money transactions or handle sensitive data.
  • Do your Cameras Cover the key areas – If you already have an existing office CCTV camera setup, then examine the footage depending on your answers to point one.
  • Employee Population – Certain areas of your office will be more populated than the rest. You should ensure that your CCTV cam network covers these areas because it will show you how the employees interact with each other.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you should have a clear understanding of whether your office security CCTV camera really is doing its job.

Based on the answers, you can make some changes. Mount the cameras in proper places if they are not already.


  1. Well, CCTV camera provides the best security. But it should be monitored regularly so that action against the culprit can be taken at correct time. These cameras are also beneficial to keep an eye on the behaviour and work of the employees in the office.



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