Monday, June 11, 2012

CCTV & Storing Recorded Data

The very purpose of a CCTV monitoring system is to allow users to record high quality images, store it and view it at one’s own leisure.

But most CCTV monitoring systems are configured to optimize storage capabilities while compromising on recorded data quality. What good is a CCTV system if the recorded images do not serve their purpose?

It is crucial that you decide on the storage capabilities of the CCTV system before installation itself.

There are 4 main parameters that will affect the output and storage capacity of a CCTV system.

  1. Picture Quality: The lowest possible resolution is obtained in CIF images and subsequently, these have the smallest file size. A typical CIF image is 10 kb in size. However, off late image qualities like 2CIF, 4CIF and DI are also used. But the image size keeps increasing with each higher resolution image.
  2. Frame Rate: The FPS (Frames Per Second) or IPS (Images Per Second) determine the number of images that will be recorded per second. A typical CCTV monitoring system has a FPS or 10 to 15 whereas high end cameras can have a FPS of 25 to 60 or more.
  3. Compression Method: There are several types of compression technologies that can be used. These include MPEG4, H.264, Motion JPEG or MJPG (4 levels) and RAW Data. The MJPEG low level gives you a decent quality image at an extremely low size whereas a high JPEG image will be extremely high in size. 
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