Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Advancement of technology in Security alarm system in Over 3 Decades

By RESEARCH LABS@Digitals India
Are the New Security Systems making us more secure? What are the Advancement in Security Alarm Systems. We asked the question to our leading panel of security experts at Research labs@digitalsindia and compiled the answers to share with you.

How have the Security alarm systems evolved over 3 decades?
(In Terms of Technology, Design and User Friendliness)
From over three decades, We are designing new security systems upgrading the technology and features under the division DI-CQURE+. Today, the User has very clearly understood the importance of burglar alarm system and also the benefits derived out of this system. Initially the customers use to install the Door Switch, Foot Switch, Magnetic Contact sensor, Vibration sensors etc and as the technology got upgraded ,the banks started using PIR Sensors also. Now ,as the product got matured ,the conventional security alarm panels got upgraded to Integrated Alarm Panel including the fire alarm integration also and now the technology also gone into this basic product enhancing its features based on GSM Technology. It brings into play the integration of wired and wireless sensors. It also works on the Dual communication technology using the Voice Dialler and SMS Notifications. Today security alarms is the basic need for all commercial establishments and is mandatory to install such products to save the movable and immovable assets.The security alarms have gone more technologically advanced in the panel form and more and more features are offered by all solution providers so that the installed panels are easy to operate and function.

What are the advancements in present security systems?
The advancements made in present security systems gives a option of the following
features :-

1.Inbuilt Auto Dialler for Voice Messages

2.Day and Night Mode functions at the touch of the button.

3.Integration of wired and wireless sensors and detectors.

4.Integration of all and every kind of sensors of any make.

5.Immediate response of the hardware incase of any breach / intrusion into the restricted

6.Real time operations

7.CMS Compatible.

8.Sleek,Stylish and Modular for any kind of installations

Our Guard MC G + is a panel which has an inbuilt Auto Dialer with provision of PSTN and GSM to have the facility of dual communication incase any one of the communication medium fails to reach its registered user which has 8 wired and 8 wireless zones giving you a provision to integrate to a maximum of 20 detectors in case of Fire in one Zone and incase of Security Sensors it can interface numbers of the motion sensors, glass break detectors, magnetic door contact switch ,foot switch in any zone. It can integrate Wired and wireless sensors into the panel. It has a built in Real Time clock for Day and Night Mode with independent Battery Back up. Incase of any theft or fire detection, the alarm immediately interfaces with the built in auto dialer and send instructions to send the voice message to the registered numbers for immediate information and also sends instruction to the Integrated SIM to send the pre stored templates to its registered users. It also has a capability to integrate with the CMS (Central monitoring stations) so that it can be remotely monitored. The registered mobile user of the panel can also find the health status of the panel sitting at the remote place just by means of SMS.

Advantages of Guard MC G+

1.This is a most advanced form of Integrated Alarm panel to suffice the purpose of Fire

Detection cum Security Alarm.

2.It can integrate 8 wired and 8 wireless zones.

3.It has the facility of dual communication at the time of event both with alert by means of

Voice messages and SMS to the registered mobile users.

4.It has events log in non volatile memory.

5. 5 mobile / Landline Numbers can be stored for Voice and SMS notification.

6.It has a built in auto dialer and intelligent battery charger.

7.It can also deliver automatic periodic status reports by SMS.

8.It has built in real time clock for Day and Night Mode.

9.It has 8 RF zones for interfacing Wireless sensors / detectors.

10.It has built in PSTN and GSM Dialer.

11.It has automatic Transfer Alarm Signal to the nearest office/CMS Station.

12.All wired/wireless zone can be bypassed.

13.You have the provision of arming/disarming the panel by remote control,keyboard or


14.Real time warning for telephone line faults and short circuits.

3) Is the new technology totally eliminating the old one/ or are they co-existing in different applications?
Just like the way the mobile phone or wrist watches cannot replace the wall clock, even the latest
of the technology cannot replace the old conventional wired solutions for security alarms as they
are sturdy , durable ,price effective and Consistent in performance our the last three decades .S till,
most of the existing and new branches in banks prefer to install our range of Guard MC and Guard
MC (CBI) in case of their varied requirements. Our products are indigenously designed for optimum
functionability and scalable operations.

4) Your vote- wireless or wired system or mixed system?

I would like to vote for wired security solutions as they are most stable and reliable. Since, India
does not having proper infrastructure, all wireless systems are prone to very common features like
signal dropping, electrical and magnetic intervention etc ;. Hence, I would propose to go with Wired
Solutions though the Industry is moving to Wireless solutions also.


  1. I'm at the place where you first use the CCTV to open a door. I select the door, it goes green, left mouse click and nothing happen it won't open. Is this a known bug then? I reloaded, re-ran the whole scene 2 and it still won't open. It's as if it's not responding to the mouse click. In first person mode, using the Mavi controls and left click work fine. I'm essentially stuck till this is fixed.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information i think alarm security system are very much required now a days.



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