Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ensuring Student safety in School buses

Recent times have posed several questions regarding the security of students travelling in the school buses.
A 4 year old molested in the moving bus in Mumbai has hit the headlines of all leading Indian newspapers.
Serious questions have been posed by parents regarding safety of their kids to the school.
Here is our recommendations on ensuring Student safety in buses using an advance GPS based CCTV solution.

Our Solution 

To setup a Compact Monitoring system in the moving school buses with capability of tracking the GPS route.

How will this help?
CCTV acts as a crime deterrent and CCTV recordings can be viewed live at the monitoring station along with the GPS positioning of the School bus. The speed of the bus at any point can also be monitored at the monitoring station. This data is also recorded in the recording. As a Mumbai Govt policy all school buses should not drive at more than 40 Km/h.

  1. DISVU GPS Based DVR 
  2. 4 Pin hole or Compact cameras like 
  3. 32 GB SD Card for recording of data
  4. An active GPS connection. 
  5. USB Drive for backup 

Demonstration of the system:

View the DEMO of this solution:

Software at viewing end :

1) Google Maps for viewing
2) DISVU Remote monitoring software

For Parents and schools:

Schools and concern parents can contact us at sales@digitalsindia.com or call us at Tel.: + 91 0120-2406259, 2406261 



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