Monday, April 16, 2012

IP Technology Revolutionizes Security in India

The perception of security in India is fast changing. Thanks to security systems getting more advanced, affordable and the integration of IT and physical security, today most offices and even homes invest in at least the basics of a security system.

But with the advent of IP based technology, the security scenario is all set to undergo a swooping change.

What is IP based Security?

IP cameras are advanced CCTV cameras that convert images as well as audio into data which is then relayed over a network, typically an internet connection.

In simpler words, what this means is that you can access the CCTV camera in your office from any corner of the world provided you have an internet connection.

So, if you are travelling on business trips or are away on a holiday, all that you need is an internet connection to get back to office.

The feasibility of IP Networks in India

Due to the massive improvement in infrastructure, the telecom sector in India is booming. There are newer players in the market who are offering high speed internet connectivity for much lesser than what it used to cost a few years back.

Today, irrespective of where you are in India, you will get access to an internet connection. And in most cities, there is high speed broadband and DSL lines which allow high resolution images and audio to be transmitted over a network.

The Future

IP network based CCTV security cameras are the future of security. There are a variety of reasons where they score over traditional analog CCTV cameras.

  • There is not limit to the resolution of an IP based CCTV camera since all images and sound is converted into data. An average IP based CCTV camera is at least 3x times better than its analog counterpart.
  • Since IP based cameras are easily installed over existing IP networks, it requires minimal wiring. Some camera models do not even require separate power.
  • IP based cameras can easily be integrated with other IP based IP phones and access control systems. The images can also be sent out via email or FTP.
  • They are extremely affordable as compared to analog CCTV systems.

So, the verdict is clear. IP CCTV Cameras are the future and they are here to stay.

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