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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fire Safety Tips to avoid mishappening like the Carlton Tower, Bangalore

 The Fire accident at Carlton Towers is an Eye-opener for us all. We need to educate ourselves for fire safety and crisis scenario. One of the reasons for the spread of fire could be late response time. Please follow these general safety tips in case of fire-

  • Do Not Use Lift in the Case of Fire.
  • Always open the doors and window to let the smoke out. Suffocation results in more death than fire.
  • Always be aware of emergency exits before hand which can help you in escaping in case of fire. If you find that the emergency exits are barred or blocked contact the building management immediately.
  • If you hear a fire alarm sound, immediately leave the building. Don't go back until the fire department has said it is safe to return.
  • The society should educate the resident about fire exits, alerting other residents in case of fire. Such sessions should also be practiced.   
 Fire Alarm system and other accessories should also be installed at residential, commercial, retail, factories, malls etc. By early detection, many lives can be saved. These Accessories are very important for early detection, alerting and early response. 
  • Smoke detectors and Heat Sensors
There devices can sense smoke and alert the fire alarm panel in case of fire which then raises an alarm.

  • Manual Call Points
These have a thin glass cover which can be broken by the attached hammer to raise an alarm in case of fire. These should be installed at all accessible points- near entry and exit so that the occupants can alert others on citing Fire or Smoke.

  • Master Guard Auto Dialer
This device is used to send pre-recorded alert messages to 10 emergency numbers in case the alarm is triggered. On detection of Fire, the local fire department, police station, ambulance can be notified of the accident. hence, reducing the response time and a better crisis management situation.
  •  External Speaker and hooters
These can alert occupants to vacate the building immediately

  • Fire alarm should be in the working condition and serviced regularly.

About Digitals India Fire Safety Solution:
Digitals India offers Fire alarm system and Integrated Alarm System  which are ERTL tested and completely reliable to deal with emergency situations. Our system installed at more than 12,000 Bank Branches across India have successfully detected early fires, intrusion and robberies. There products are developed and Manufactured by Digitals India at Nodia, UP. 
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